The quietest dog breeds


There are many different dog breeds, and although it is true that each dog individually has its character, we cannot deny that genetics play a very important role in their way of being. This is a great help when we want to look for a dog that suits our lifestyle, so if you like a peaceful and stress-free life, you will be interested to know what are the quietest dog breeds. Choose yours by reading this post!


There are many different greyhound dog breeds, but in general they are usually all quite calm. Further, they don't need so much exercise as people usually believe. We have the image of race dogs, but in reality, greyhounds are not like that: remember that to be race dogs, greyhounds are mistreated.

Yes, they are very fast, but this does not mean they need to run all day! The greyhound is a dog that enjoys life inside the home with his family, is affectionate, calm, even scary. If they need exercise, all dogs need it, but not exaggerated.

If you consider adopting a greyhound, We recommend that you resort to adoption. Greyhounds are of the most abandoned dog breeds.

Pug or carlino

Although small dogs are often quite active, this is not the case with the pug dog breed. His character is very gentle, calm and affectionate.

In fact, the pugs could not be too active even if they wanted to. If that They like to play and have fun, but they can't stand too much intensity in the exercise, since their respiratory system usually gives them problems and they drown. This makes the health of the carlino delicate, in fact a high percentage of dogs of this breed dies quite young.

Great dane

Don't be fooled by its size! Despite being the largest dog in the world, it is quite appeased. He usually walks quite slowly and for a physical exercise, a walk is enough, you don't need to play sports. In fact, these large breeds are prone to stomach torsion and joint problems if they exercise more than they need.

Saint Bernard

Despite being one of the largest dog breeds in the world, the St. Bernard is all goodness. He is affectionate, calm and kind, perfect for living with children. In fact, some call it "the nanny dog."

You need space to live comfortably, but physical exercise is not one of the most demanded activities. It is also an easy dog ​​to train.

Spanish mastiff

Is about one of the most popular dog breeds as shepherds, is a gentle and calm dog, as well as very receptive to education. Is very loyal and protective with his family And perfect if you have children at home.

If what you are looking for is a dog that gives you love and keeps you company, but you are not the most active person in the world, the Spanish mastiff may be what you are looking for.

Basset hound

It is a very calm dog, in fact spend a lot of time sleeping. The basset hound adapts very well to life in a flat, you will love the sofa hours with you! Since he has short legs, he walks quite slowly, so, Your walks will be calm.

He is not a particularly playful dog, although he is affectionate. If you are looking for a playmate, you better look for another!

Yes, shar pei is one of the quietest dog breeds. Is Homemade, friendly, calm and quite independent. Faced with stimuli that could alter other dogs, shar pei seems to be unchanged, in addition Nor is it usually destructive or aggressive with anyone.

This dog of Japanese origin has a infinite patience and a very temperate character. He is quite suspicious of strangers, although when he takes confidence he is very loyal and affectionate with his family.

Akita Inu not a dog for first time owners, since he needs a fairly disciplined training and a self-confident owner. When educated well, Akita Inu is an excellent pet.

This breed of dog usually has a temperament very similar to that of the Spanish mastiff: calm, temperate and docile. He is very patient and tolerant of all kinds of people, loyal and quite receptive to training. In addition, it is not usually angry or destructive when bored.

Remember: in general, Dogs of the same breed usually have enough features in common, but genetics do not completely determine the character of a dog at the individual level. Being guided by the standards of the races is a good indicator of their behavior, but it is still something orientative. Every dog ​​is a world!

1. The greyhound

Although many people are surprised to think that the greyhound is a dog that requires a lot of exercise and physical activity, the truth is that most greyhounds are very calm animals those who love to relax and enjoy a restful home with their owners.

The greyhound is a silent, scary and quiet dog with whom we will enjoy walks by the sea and be surprised to see how to run like an arrow.

Have you considered adopting a greyhound? Remember that after the hunting period many of the greyhounds used are abandoned, hence great initiatives like SOS greyhounds, going to them to adopt a pet is a wonderful and supportive option, in addition to not contributing to the market for the sale of animals.

2. The carlino or pug

In most cases we relate small dogs with a nervous and even excited behavior but this is not the case with the carlino or pug. It is a small-sized and sweet-looking dog that shows a gentle and calm character.

The carlino or pug enjoys the company of adults and children, and although he plays and has fun, we can quickly appreciate that it is a quiet dog. It is perhaps because of its constitution of moloso (which makes it drown a little when exercising) is why you try to have a calm and calm attitude both outside and inside the home.

If we are thinking of adopting a pug we must be sure that we do not want this dog to exercise because it does not endure prolonged physical activity at all.

3. The great dane

If you have ever agreed with a great Dane you will agree with me that it is about a calm dog despite its large size. The Great Dane walks slowly and does not require large doses of exercise, a normal walking routine will be enough for our new pet to be happy.

Of course, although it is a quiet dog we must remember that its large size requires a wide bed, a large room as well as very high doses of feed.'s picture

4. The English bulldog

The bulldog is undoubtedly another dog that deserves to be on this list about the quietest dog breeds. It is a robust and large dog but very friendly and attached to its owners.

His own physiognomy does not allow him to exercise excessively so we find in him a dog to walk slowly and enjoy the routine relaxed. Discover the other three types of bulldog.

7. Basset Hound

The basset hound is the perfect roommate, quiet, affectionate, friendly and familiar. It is a breed of dog that adapts smoothly to living in small apartments, because her favorite hobby is eating and sleeping. Due to the short length of their paws, they are not fast dogs and prefer quiet walks, without haste and at their own pace. Also, they are not characterized by being excessively playful dogs, so if you are looking for a quiet pet for children but at the same time wanting to play, basset hound is probably not the best option.

You must have patience when it comes to training and pay special attention to the care of their long ears and eyes. They are dogs that love being at home with their owners, so if you provide all the care they need, the basset hound will thank you with love and pampering. Of course, he is an excellent hunter!

8. Shar pei

Indeed, shar pei is one of the calmest and most relaxed dogs that It stands out for being kind, calm and somewhat independent. You don't need to do a lot of physical exercise and you don't usually get excited about some everyday stimuli that could make other dogs startle, nor is it usually destructive.

9. Akita inu

Akita Inu is a dog of Japanese origin. Beautiful and tremendously faithful we find in him a very calm and patient dog which is usually reserved before strangers and strangers. It is fantastic as a pet since it will undoubtedly become our best friend forever. You should know that you need to have some notions of training that propitiate a good education, fundamental in this race.

10. Bloodhound

As with the Spanish mastiff, we find a large dog in the bloodhound very calm and calm dog. He accepts training well and does not usually behave in an excited or destructive way. He is tolerant and patient with the little ones, other dogs and even strangers with whom he will be relaxed and parsimonious.

Remember that.

Each dog is a world, it has its own character and its way of doing things for that reason we cannot assure that all those named on this list are 100% calm dogs. Education through positive reinforcement and try reward tranquility inside and outside the home They will be the best tools to achieve a relaxed, calm and calm dog.

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Why do the dogs bark

Certain races are quieter by nature, while others, by nature, bark more. There are also environmental factors that contribute to barking. Dogs can bark at the animals they see outside, while others bark out of boredom, to ask for attention or for anxiety due to separation.

Actually, All dogs, including quieter breeds, need the right amount of mental stimulation, physical activity and human interaction to keep them happy and not to bark unnecessarily. This is important to keep in mind.

Individual temperament also tends to influence whether dogs bark excessively. Some dogs are content to observe their surroundings and with small interactions with their owners when they have free time, without feeling the need to bark a lot. But others always need to be the center of attention and bark to stand out.

With this in mind, and that each race has its individual variations, let's see some of the quietest dog breeds.

List of quietest dog breeds

These are dog breeds that at general levels and with specific exceptions, are more relaxed and calm both at home and on the street. Many of them will surprise you and many others surely already knew them. Whatever your dog or future dog, remember that they simply need love.

The Shar Pei is a medium sized dog pulling small that will surprise you with its calm. Inside the house is sometimes invisible and outside it a good Samaritan, his tranquility is even contagious. No doubt it is a great breed if what we are looking for is a calm dog.

The Pekingese dog is characterized by its small size and its almost permanent state of tranquility. It is a very homely race that will enjoy the company and tranquility of its family, only when it goes for a walk can it become a little grumpy if it has not been socialized correctly. You don't need daily physical exercise, just your walks.

The Pug Carlino breed is also characterized by its size, somewhat larger than the Pekingese but small at general levels. This breed does not like exercise and has a very calm and calm character, recommended for homes with children. It will be enough with some walks to make your needs away from home, to keep you exercised.

Greyhounds are very affectionate and calm dogs, unlike what many people think. They love being with the family and are very stable, it is undoubtedly a medium-sized breed highly recommended for people looking for quiet dogs. With your daily walks and some games with other dogs from time to time it will be enough for you to be fit. It also has the advantage of being one of those races that do not throw hair.

Bichon Maltese

The Bichón Maltese is also characterized by its small size and great tranquility. It is a very familiar dog that does not need great outings, very calm and affectionate. If you are looking for a friendly and quiet puppy this is an excellent option.

The chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small dogs and very quiet at general levels. Great lovers of home life, they always want to be with their owners. They are dogs that do not require physical activity, so with a few simple walks it will be enough for them to stay in shape.

Mestizo dogs can be as calm as any of the above, simply observe their character and study their genetic origins if possible. Try to avoid mongrels of shepherd dogs, mestizos of hunters, etc ... A good trick if you are going to choose a puppy from a litter, is to stay with them for at least half an hour without doing anything, just observing. In a short time you will know by their behavior which are the quietest and which are the most active.

Why choose a breed of dog that is quiet?

Many people have small children at home and may prefer to adopt dogs that are quiet, the same goes for people of a certain age who are no longer for many hustle and bustle.

Even people who have never had a dog may prefer to have their first experience with a breed that is calm, something that is not only completely understandable but also recommended.

The difference between a calm dog and a more active one is the amount of energy it has and that it needs to burn daily. Shepherd dogs, collectors, etc ... They are very active and need a level of daily physical exercise that I notice the world can contribute. That is why if we have the option of being able to choose, perhaps a calm race is more suitable for the examples described above.

Breeds of calm dogs

As much as all dogs can be taught not to make noise, there are quite a few dog breeds with innate and silent behavior. These dogs require little or no attention to remain silent. Keep in mind that each dog can bark out of protest from time to time.

Though there are many breeds of calm dogs by nature, in this article we will highlight only a few.

One of the quietest dog breeds there is the pug. In fact, the pug are known to be sociable and gentle companion dogs. The American Kennel Club describes the personality of the race as temperamental and charming.

The pug are a known breed for many reasons. They are dogs that love food and naps, and also a breed that does not know violence. A pug will bark only when he feels in extreme danger or is very hungry. In addition, his playful barking is usually replaced by heavy breathing due to his corpulent constitution.

Great dane

Regardless of its large size, Great Dane is considered one of the quietest dog breeds that exists. These dogs have no need to prove their dominance to anyone because of their imposing height and great weight. In addition, they are part of one of the most intelligent races.

Its very appearance makes the situation quite clear to anyone who intends to present a threat. All you have to do a great Dane should do is take a quick look. His bark, loud and loud, is rarely heard in this calm and loving dog.