My dog's hair is tumbling, what's wrong?


Among the causes why the dog's hair falls out is poor eating, some allergies, stress, and even some hormonal changes. For this reason, the important thing forCan's hair loss treatmentis Cknow the causes that cause it, so that the problem is controlled as soon as possible.

There are several tips that must be taken into account to help prevent the fall of the fur. Among them we must remember that Our pet will change hair twice a year. It is essential to provide a balanced diet and diet, as well as use specific products for hygiene.

Causes why the dog's hair falls out

The causes that cause hair loss in our friend can be very diverse. Among them that diseases such as scabies or diabetes are found, as well as an unbalanced diet, that does not adapt to the nutritional needs of the animal. Also skin allergies can cause hair loss.

In cases where hair loss happensbecause of stress or anxiety, the problem is complicated to deal with. In certain cases there is no solution and the hair cannot be recovered. It is also possible that it is the animal itself that causes the fall to be scratched in a compulsive way, be it scabies, allergies, itching, etc.

Weather and seasons are also a cause of hair loss. A dog that loses more fur than normal for its breed may have health problems and it is necessary for the veterinary professional to investigate the cause. The owner of the animal will not be able to stop the animal's hair from sprouting, but with proper care we can reduce the amount that is lost.

In some small breeds, certain vaccines can cause an infection in the area of ​​the injection, with the consequence of hair loss. In the different breeds, the bulldog and the boxer have a greater propensity, for their sensitive skin, to suffer irritations and dermatitis.

Hair loss in dogs due to diseases, stress, food and parasites

You will know that you have a problem and that you need to consult our online veterinarians when baldness occurs in your body, hair falls out of areas or wounds appear on your body. There are four reasons why this may be happening, from the most common at least: poor diet, stress, parasites or illness.

The quality of its tufts, its brightness, strength and good smell are symptoms that your dog is healthy, eats well and is happy. If your hair is brittle and falls out of abundance, the first thing you have to do what to do is check how you feed it. Do you feed him I just think cheap from the supermarket? If your answer is yes, change habits. Consult with our veterinarians what is the ideal feed for him depending on his weight, age and energy expenditure.

You will have to establish a calendar of meals that combines a quality one with rich wet recipes packaged and others prepared by you. Dogs love the routine, but it has to be a fun and stimulating one, especially if we are talking about dogs like a Belgian Malinois, who are pure wit and need constant motivation, also through what they eat.

My dog ​​has changed his behavior and his hair falls out

Have you moved recently? You are depressed? Do you spend less time with your colleague? Have you returned to work after having been a long time without doing it? A dog is a deeply empathic animal, what you feel is also felt by him. He is also very sensitive, being able to suffer separation anxiety, depression, stress and unhappiness, so much so that he ends up being reflected in his physical appearance, losing hair.

If you suddenly sleep more, you are in a worse mood, barks when you are not by their side and lose hair, you must understand that you may be depressed or suffer stress. If this is your case, you will need the advice of a specialist. In Barkibu we have online ethologists, with behavioral experts that will help you lift your spirits, although you already know how to: play more with it, give it more pampering and, when you go down next to it to walk, pay attention, not to your smartphone .

Causes of dog hair loss by parasites

Your dog is continually besieged by parasites. That is why your immune system always has to be strengthened with good nutrition, hygiene, the exercise you need and lots of love. If we comply as PetLovers, we reduce the chances that parasites can harm you, but if one of these four pillars of your happiness is neglected, we open the door for them to go to the kitchen.

There are parasites that lodge in your colleague's hair and await their opportunity to penetrate their system and harm them. If you clean it well, if you brush it and if you give it nutritious food, these parasites will have it harder, but if you do not take care of their health, you will see that these invaders are doing theirs by discovering baldness in combination with the presence of other symptoms.

We are referring to the mites that are at ease in the sebum that your dog uses to lubricate each of its hairs. If this is what happens to your colleague, you need a specific treatment that begins by improving your hygiene habits.

Other causes why your dog falls out of hair

Other less common reasons that we will assess after ruling out those we have presented are scabies, some allergy that may be suffering, fungal attack or hypothyroidism.

In short, it improves the quality of what your dog eats, makes its environment clean and happy. If your hair continues to fall after 24 hours or the fall is massive, count on us.

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