What should a dwarf rabbit's cage have?


If you are going to incorporate a rabbit into your family, you will have to make some preparations for your arrival. In this post we tell you what you need so that your little big rodent is not lacking in anything: a cage, accessories, toys ... Take note and welcome him he deserves!

The first step: a rabbit cage

The first essential element is, of course, a cage, because otherwise you run the risk that your new pet disappears at the first exchange or is dedicated to leaving its seal on tables, chairs, or any place that comes to mind. To choose well, you have to consider what the size of your future pet is and how much it is expected to grow in the future: only then can you determine which size is the most appropriate. In you will find cages for large, small or any size rabbits.

Once you know the size, you must choose the color or style that you like, you can opt for various options depending on the location. In this sense, remember that rabbits feel comfortable with company, so you can reserve an easily accessible place in the home, where you can feel loved and clothed.

Where to place the houses for rabbits

It is convenient not to confuse the cages with the houses for rabbits. The latter are structures that must be placed inside the cage, as your pet will use it to take refuge and seek rest or a little privacy. Therefore, these elements can be proportionally smaller, as your rabbit will be inside but will not need to move too much inside.

The importance of the base

It is important to know that the inside floor of the cage has to be 'sectorized'. This means that you must divide your space into several parts. One of the most important for the well-being of your rabbit is the one dedicated to the base or substrate, which recreates its natural habitat, so that your rabbit feels more comfortable. There are multiple options: as a base of pressed chip or ecological paper, among others. You should also reserve a space to the hygienic tray, with special sand for your pet to make his needs. To clean it, you can use special utensils, also sold on

The rest of the ground can be dedicated to the house, to the park for rabbits (which we will see later), among other accessories that we will discuss below.

Accessories for your cage

Next, the cage must be equipped with other fundamental accessories. One of them is the drinking troughs for rabbits. These are usually hooked to the bars, to offer permanent hydration to your pet. The second ones are the feeders for rabbits, which are usually independent, you can decide whether to put it in the cage, only when feeding your rabbit, or always leave it inside.

Toys and park for rabbits

Fun and physical exercise are essential for any rodent. And if both concepts go hand in hand, much better. In this sense, has a wide range of toys for rabbits, which facilitate their favorite activity: gnawing. We also have complete parks, a perfect solution for when you want to take your rabbit out of its cage.

Of course, we have more products and accessories for rabbits, such as hygiene items (hair brushes and scissors, shampoo for washing, etc.), prizes in the form of snacks, etc. If you want to continue learning about these topics or have a consultation guide at hand, you can buy one of the books we sell in our store.

How big should the house be for rabbits?

As you have already imagined the house of your dwarf rabbit should be as big as possible, because he will be locked in it for quite some time. Ideally, the rabbit can be as long as possible outside it so he can walk, run, jump and explore the environment.

These are the 3 factors to consider when choosing the best house:

  • The size of the current and final rabbit.
  • The space you have available in the room.
  • The time the rabbit can spend outside the house.

At a minimum, the base must measure 5 times the length of the adult rabbit. In case of having more than one rabbit, the house must be even bigger. This assuming that the rabbit can leave a minimum of 2 hours a day from his cage to exercise. You also have to sectorize the house so that your pet has a sector for eating, sleeping, entertaining and for the sanitary tray. It is very likely that your pet changes the distribution at will of the objects, rabbits choose where to do their functions. If the room is small you can choose a cage with two or three levels with ramp so that it does not occupy so much space.

What type of cage is best for your dwarf rabbit?

There are several formats or types of cages for dwarf rabbits. There are square, circular, multi-story or level, with pipes, with windows and more combinations. Although the most important thing to look for is the following:

  • It is not convenient that the cage looks like glass because it does not breathe the air well and the temperature of the cage increases.
  • Make it plastic because it is easier to clean and are safer for our pet.
  • The doors must be lateral. This makes it easier for the rabbit to leave and enter when we let it loose through the house, if the doors are at the top we will have to provide a structure so that it can leave and enter.

How should the feeder be for your toy rabbit?

The feeders as we have already imagined serve to put the feed or any type of food for our bunny. The feeder helps the food is not scattered through the cage and not stained with feces. The ideal feeder for our pet should be resistant so that it cannot gnaw, easy to clean, difficult to tip over and with rounded edges to avoid possible injuries.

Benefits of a rabbit cage

One of the main reasons why people prefer to have an inner rabbit cage is because it keeps the rabbit warm and dry in the winter. It is vital that you have enough space because they are not designed for outdoor use. In addition, it must be at least four times the size of the rabbit so that there is enough space to jump. Here are some of the benefits of an inner rabbit cage.

They provide security and warmth.

Outdoor rabbits are likely to be attacked by predators such as hawks, cats and dogs, while those inside are safer and have a more social life. In addition to keeping your bunny safe from predators, you can easily monitor them and make sure they are always happy, healthy and safe.

You can easily build trust with the rabbit

With an inner cage for rabbits, it has more interaction with rabbits, which facilitates building trust. Also, the more you get to understand the rabbit's personality, the more you can put yourself in your rabbit's shoes. Even if you keep your rabbit indoors most of the time, it is better if you let them run outdoors, as it gives them the opportunity to chop grass and also fresh air.

Considerations for buying a rabbit cage

There is no doubt that rabbits are excellent indoor pets as well as being adorable and adorable. If you are thinking of keeping your bunny indoors, it is important to consider the different types of rabbit cages that will provide security and protection for your bunnies. Rabbits need ample space, and this is one of the things you should keep in mind. Also, getting designs made of plastic is aesthetically pleasing compared to wood design.

A great design is the one that provides a lot of space to run and play. These are some of the factors you should consider when buying an indoor rabbit cage.

The size of the cage

The size of the cabin you are going to build depends on the size of the installation site and the number of rabbits you plan to keep in a containment. In most cases, the bigger the rabbit hutch, the happier the rabbits. Most indoor sheds are not as large as the outer counterpart, since they are generally designed to house smaller species of rabbits. Despite this, it is still possible to find and place a large rabbit cage inside.

The materials used

The material used in the construction of the rabbit cage is one of the things that should not be underestimated. Most rabbit cages are designed with metals, chicken wire and wood to screw the materials. In addition, there are those that are made of metal or plastic materials, but of all the designs available in the market today, those of metal, wire mesh and wood are the most resistant.


The type of hatch you wish to buy will depend on the size or whether it is new or second-hand. If you are looking for luxury models, then you will spend more, but it is important to understand that the price is not always reflected in the quality. One of the ways to make sure that it fits into the correct design is if you take the time to see the rabbit hutch in your spare time before deciding whether to buy or not. This way, you will rule out any weaknesses and be sure that your bunnies will be safe and happy.

Ease of cleaning

It is necessary to take into account the opening number in the rabbit cage. The cage for rabbits with more openings is much better compared to those with less because it makes cleaning easier that way. On the same note, while wooden sheds can be durable, you should consider the option of placing removable trays and woven wire bottoms underneath. In this way, rabbit waste can be washed comfortably and easily on a regular basis. In addition, it is necessary to have at least a part of the inside of the wood-covered rabbit cage so that you can avoid the legs of the rabbits. The fact that you keep your rabbit cage inside means that the easier to clean the better, since you don't want to risk any transfer of dirt from the cage to the house.

What makes a good bunny cage

The rabbit cage is an excellent way to provide adequate living space and, at the same time, simplifies cleaning. Whether you are updating or replacing existing housing or getting a rabbit cage for the first time, it is important not to overlook some of the things that make a good indoor rabbit cage. These are some of the things that make a great indoor rabbit cage.

In addition to safety, a good rabbit cage should offer rabbits the comfort they need. Each cage is designed to house a certain number of bunnies based on their size and should do exactly that. A good inner cage for rabbits should have enough space for animals to move freely and rest without any discomfort.

The type of coating

The type of lining has a lot to do with keeping your rabbits protected, dry and warm. There are different types of lining styles that are used to make a rabbit cage and understanding the difference will determine if it conforms to the proper shed. The groove and the tongue are one of the best coatings you can find there. The boards feature a groove cut at the bottom edge with the edge of the top cut out to fit the groove. In this way the tables can be fused forming a perfect seal. Generally, the front can have a rounded edge, or the boards can be flat on both sides.


While most people believe that only outdoor cages should be treated due to adverse weather conditions, the same applies to interior designs. If you want to have a cage for longer-lasting rabbits, it must be made of wood that has been treated before delivery. If you are using wood finishes, you should choose those that are not toxic in case the rabbits decide to nibble on them.

Correct size

A good rabbit cage should be the right size to provide your pet with adequate and comfortable living conditions. For example, if you have two average-sized bunnies, then an ideal hutch should be 6 feet per second and 2 feet tall. You should also ensure that the cage is equipped with locks that can be easily secured.

Doubtful sellers

There are many scammers out there, and it is crucial that you get your rabbit cage from a reputable dealer, especially if you are shopping online.

Before closing a deal, you should read the seller's reviews to determine their credibility. Also, take note of the sizes and size of the cage so you don't end up buying one that doesn't suit your needs.

Low quality products

Although the cage is going to be placed inside, this does not mean that you must commit to quality. If the needs of your rabbits are met, you will have a happy and healthy pet, and this is what every homeowner is always looking for. Although there are some that can be easily destroyed if you settle for those that are affordable but durable.

Final thoughts

One of the things that most owners sometimes tend to forget is that rabbits are happy and attractive pets that love socialization and interaction, but this can't happen if they don't have a proper home. If you have a pet bunny, you will realize that they are curious animals that love games. In fact, if you are used to them and lie on the floor for a few minutes, you will be surprised to see that they are trying to lick or nibble on different parts of your body.

If your bunny shows signs of aggression, especially if it is not a norm, then it is an indication of unhappiness, boredom or poor health. Making sure your rabbit hutch has plenty of space that is both safe is a great way to have a healthy rabbit.

This buyer's guide provides you with a detailed summary of the different aspects of the best indoor bunny cage. This is so you can make an informed decision the next time you go shopping. You will have a better understanding of the benefits of an indoor rabbit cage and what you should and should not consider when buying a rabbit cage. Such knowledge will help you spend your money wisely and avoid situations where you get a cage that does not work for your situation.