Calluses on my dog's paws: What can I do?


Dogs also suffer calluses especially on the elbows, especially those that live lying on hard places. Let's see what solutions we can give our pet.

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from the formation of calluses, and produce the same pain and discomfort as we do. Therefore, it is necessary to treat them and prevent these calluses from reappearing.

The most frequent area where dogs usually form calluses is in the elbows, and especially in animals of large size and weight.

This occurs due to the excessive pressure that the animal exerts on this area of ​​the body when they are lying.

It is also another factor the ground where they usually lie. For example, farm animals, which are usually laid on grass, do not usually suffer from this condition. If it occurs in dogs that live on terraces or in yards, where the ground is very hard.

To make these types of calluses disappear, it is best to apply a specific cream for them, but under no circumstances what people use.

We must go to the veterinarian, so he can recommend the best option for our pet.

The cream will make the painful calluses disappear and will give the skin of that area the necessary flexibility so that our animal can move without problems.

To prevent them from reappearing, it is best to provide our dog with a mattress or mattress to be thrown and avoid suffering again.

Keep in mind that when we decide to have a pet, it is our obligation to take care of them and keep them healthy, and they always provide us with company, affection and deserve some pampering too.

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What are corns?

The sores or calluses on our dog's paws It is a wound that does not heal and that usually appear in the places of the body of our animal where it rests, how are the elbows or knees. They leave because our dog always rests in the same place and especially on a hard surface, that is why it is convenient for your dog to sleep in a soft bed.

Calluses do not usually bleed like wounds, but they may form in addition to the skin surfaces, also at a deeper depth, so It can suppurate and also cause inflammation.

But if the calluses on the legs are not cured They can become wounds with bleeding and subsequent infection of the area. But if the friction is constant we will never get the corns to heal, so it is convenient to take preventive measures.

Heal calluses on my dog's paws

If we appreciate that our pet begins to have these calluses on its paws, Then you have to take action on the matter. At the beginning the area begins to be dry and little by little you will also lose the hair of the affected area. For this it is convenient that you put your dog a moisturizer, in this way you will prevent the area from drying out and cracking.

We advise you a specific cream for these cases, One tip is that the cream or ointment contain aloe vera and vitamin E. But if you prefer it in pet stores they sell specific creams for calluses. You should rub the product in the dry area with a light massage until the product is absorbed. But be very careful that your dog does not lick the cream.

But if the callosity It has become a wound, its convenient that Your vet examines it Provide a healing product and verify that the wound is not infected. But if this is so do not put a cream, it is better to apply iodine or other disinfectant product.

Prevent calluses on dogs' paws

Like all things, prevention is better than cure, so in the case of corns we should avoid as much as possible that they get formed and much worse become something chronic.

Older and short-haired dogs are the ones that are most likely to suffer from this condition, So you have to pay more attention and care.

As much as possible you have to prevent your dog from sleeping or resting in hard areas, To do this you must provide a soft bed or blanket, in this way you will avoid rubbing on the elbows and knees.

If you are going to go out with him on a trip or visit someone, take the habit of always carrying his blanket, you should not neglect this part.

It may also be that the chafing is caused by an object such as its strap or harness, if so you must change it and buy another one that does not harm it. If you buy a new necklace you must watch in the first weeks that does not make chafing.

Whenever you bathe your dog and dry it, do not forget to put a moisturizer on the areas where corns may appear. Also in the day to day a little before bedtime, you have to put the cream back on, but do not go to rest until you verify that the skin has absorbed it and that he will not lick it.

Also avoid heoverweight of your pet that in addition to causing different health problems, also It is easier for calluses to appear.