AVOID ESCAPE CAT - How to prevent our cat from leaving home and not returning!


The reasons why a cat has a tendency to escape from home are not always the same, but the street is very dangerous for domestic cats. Adult cats and cats can escape as a result of jealousy, and decide that a romantic sneaker suits them.

Cats are night hunters, they carry it in their blood. What young cat can resist a slight live rumor that sounds among the leaf litter it observes from the balcony? These are examples of the reasons why cats want to escape, but they are not the only ones.

If you decide to continue reading Animal Expert, we will point out some more reasons to escape and ways to prevent my cat from escaping, and yours too. Take note of our advice:

The only effective way to curtail sexual desires of cats and cats is castration. It may seem cruel, but if we want our cat or cat to have a long and serene existence, it is the only solution.

In addition, the proliferation capacity of cats is such that, if we let them breed without control, our planet would become instead of the current home for earthly inhabitants, the planet of the "gatícolas".

So, nothing can avoid the love escapades of our mininos, except surgery. For females there are medications heat inhibitors, but permanent medication causes health problems for the cat. Therefore, sterilization is much more advisable, which also has endless advantages.

Adventurous hunters

Cats and cats like to hunt. They are physically, mentally and genetically designed by nature for this purpose.

Do an experiment: if you are sitting on the sofa watching the TV with the loud volume and your cat remains impassive in the same room, with concealment scratch the fabric of your furniture with your nails, causing a slight rumble. You will immediately notice that the cat is alert. You have heard a dull noise similar to what rodents make during their feeding. Despite the volume of ambient noise, the cat will have caught the murmur of your fingers scratching the sofa. If you continue making the slight noise, the cat will locate the source of the rumor, and attentive will approach the place with all its muscles prepared in case you have to jump over a prey.

Urban cats have almost no such stimuli, but felines that live in a rural environment are perfectly prepared to perform night beats in search of prey. That's why they are so lustrous, because they complement their diet with what they hunt.

Urban cats can be provided with rag mice to pretend to hunt them and thus stimulate their predatory instinct inside the home. Spending time playing with our cat is very important to keep it entertained and avoid looking for fun in other places.

2) Prevent your cat from escaping from home by protecting your windows:

A very common way in which a cat can escape from home is through the windows. Sometimes when we are cleaning or ventilating the house we forget an open window and ours Cat can take the opportunity to go outside through the window.

For this it is best to buy a cat window protection net, for sale in pet stores. They don't cost a lot of money and last a long time. That way, the window is protected by a net why the cat does not fit, and we can open the window without fear.


Our kitten left home for 5 days, returning meowing how a mouse or a prey brought, we cuddled her, climbed on a piece of furniture and in the afternoon she went back, but she didn't come back. That almost a month ago, she had lived with us for 11 years, we really don't understand why she left

Miguel Perez Molina says

How terrible, mine takes 3 days and does not appear.

Mine too and I'm desperate to find it. He's my partner and I miss him 😭

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A kitten came to your house: he is not more than 3 months old and is beautiful. At the same time, he starts to look at the kittens and from one day to the next he doesn't come back. Again, your cat escaped to not return home, a shame. It is for the above, that there are some drastic methods (and others not so much) so that it does not escape anymore.

The best known and you will probably find it in any internet tutorial is castrate him. Even consulting the veterinarian Carla Galloso, who works for the care of animals in the municipality of Penco (a commune in the Bío Bío Region), recommended how the best option is remove your cat's testicles in an operation between 4 and 6 months.

The measure seemed to me a bit extreme Then I started consulting my friends (in addition to my experience of at least 20 cats), and compiled some tips to avoid castration.

First, you should keep in mind that the sexual maturation of your cat will appear as at 12 months. Regarding the previous point, I recommend trying to adopt the cat before reaching that age, since it is more complicated when the year has passed. If this is not your case, try to keep it inside your home for at least one month: This is how the family will know and adopt customs.

For example, if your kitten gets used to eating on a plate and knows that there you will always find food, most likely he will come back for him. The same goes for the place where he sleeps: he establishes for him a cushion, bed, box (or whatever he prefers) which is maintained for a long time, and so assimilates it.

Another important dimension is that you do not shout or mistreat it. Actually, no animal or pet. If in your home the cat does not find affection, and instead of pulling it gently in the arms of your bed, scare or run around, the cat will be afraid and more reasons to get away from you.

Don't adopt one, adopt two. The company among animals is also important. If your kitten has a partner (from small hopefully), he will stick to it and it will be harder for him to run away from home. Otherwise, they get along badly, it doesn't suit you.

It is important to note that feline "zeal" is a normal stage, and the natural thing is that you let it get as it is. If you want me to come back, create stimuli in your home, love it a lot and you'll see how it returns. Luck!.

Protect the windows so that your cat does not escape

Obviously, no cat is pulled from a window premeditated. They have a deep-rooted survival instinct and know the dangers that each place and situation entail.

That without counting that not only falling is the danger, but that it escapes and is lost. Losing our pet can be one of the worst things that can happen to us.

Therefore the importance of protecting the windows of our home. How to do it?

Spend quality time with your cat

It is not the same to be in a room, you sitting in an armchair and your cat on the floor, than being both together in the armchair or on the floor interacting. There are people who think that a cat does not need this kind of attention, that it is very independent and that to be happy it is enough for itself, but to think that is a mistake.

If you do not interact with him, if you do not play with him and if you do not care for him, we cannot expect you to be with us when we feel like it. Therefore, if we want it to be a happy cat, as well as sociable, we have to spend as much time as we can. In addition, we have to know that with a simple rope or small ball both he and we can have a great time.

Keep it safe while clean

The windows of a house cannot remain closed all the time, as this would generate bad smells and there would be no pure air to breathe.

This happens especially when we are going to do cleaning at home. Aerating the house is paramount, especially if we live with animals. What to do so that your cat does not take this opportunity to escape?

If your cat has a tendency to want to do it or a curiosity that leads him to the windows, don't think about it, Choose a room that you will leave closed with your cat inside while cleaning. It is the only way to keep it safe.

Sleep with him

Sleep with a cat? Yes why not? If you are worried about parasites in veterinary clinics and in animal stores they sell antiparasitic drugs that will eliminate both external parasites (ticks, fleas, etc.) and internal parasites (worms). Only in the event that you have an allergy to the animal or that the hairy is sick, the best option will be to avoid getting on your bed, but otherwise ... sleeping with a cat is the perfect excuse to strengthen the relationship.

And a cat that spends the night with its human, is a furry that feels very dear. So he won't need to look for the love outside 😉.

Secure closures

Cats can do more things with their legs than we think. Therefore, you may already know how to open your window, if you may not have a secure closure.

It is even possible that he has already left several times and has returned without even knowing it. But be careful, one day you could complicate the escape and not return. Therefore, spend some money and secure your window closures.

A secure closure could protect the integrity of your animal.

Watch your cat

If you have a terrace and your cat loves to go out in the sun, watch it. Even if you have protections so that it does not jump, either on balconies or windows, observe it. You could start scratching and scratching day after day, and in the end, achieve your goal.

Talk to animal shop specialists to find out the options you have to buy some items that prevent your cat from escaping.

With their advice and ours, you can keep your cat safe and complete.

Recommendations to keep your cat "inside the house"

one . Sterilize your Cat

Whole cats often escape more than those that are sterilized. Whole cats probably cover long distances and go astray in search of potential partners. Unlike sterilized cats tend to stay close to home because they have no desire to reproduce.

There are also other great benefits of spaying and / or castration, including reduction in diseases such as cancer. Even if your cat does not come out, you will feel better knowing that your cat is not contributing to the pet overpopulation crisis in the street.

2 . Designate a single door for the Cat to go out and teach him to walk on a leash and harness

Your cat must associate a single door with the exit to the street, such as the back door, access doors, or any door you designate. Place the cat's harness near the door and You will ONLY allow the cat to go out the door IF the harness is on. Your cat should identify that this is his only way out, and stop looking for other doors and windows to exit.

Walk with leash and harness - It's not as stupid as you think, your cat can recognize that he can only get out if he has the harness and the leash. Try it.

3. Teach your cat to sit and stay still

First, you must teach your cat to go to a “favorite” place when you leave the house and leave it inside. This "favorite" place can be in its tower, vertical hanger or cat house. What you should do is, before leaving, to encourage your cat to walk towards his little house or tower, preferably with a "treat" or treat for cats. If he followed you to his little house, give him more treats or prizes. Leave a few treats with your cat before going out the door.

There are several automatic candy dispensers that can keep your cat entertained while left alone. You can even teach him the "Sit" and "Quieto" when you're out the door. YES. IT'S POSSIBLE!

4. Make your cat's environment inside the home more interesting.

Basically, expand the vertical territory of the cat inside the house, with the addition of cat trees, window hangers, vertical houses, as well as providing a lot of toys for your cat to play.

Increase the amount of games and the time you spend playing with your cat. This does not mean that you should throw some cat toys around the house, it means that you should play with your cat using different interactive toys. How long? It depends, but try to schedule several game sessions for at least 15 minutes every day.

Cats have a great natural hunting instinct, and they need to consume much of the energy that dominates them. If you manage to expand activities through activities inside the home, your cat will have no reason to look for other outdoor activities. In addition, many other behavioral problems may disappear if you play more with your cat.

5. Keep your cat's favorite toy near the door

So, when you get home, you can direct the cat's energy towards the toy, instead of the outside world. You can store the toy next to the door in a hidden place, or take it with you and take it out as soon as you get home, preferably take it with you!

Bored cats>

The cats that are the only pet of a home, tend to escape more than those who are a pair of cats that live together. The reason is that a lonely cat gets bored much more than two felines that live together and groom themselves, play and fight from time to time.

The desire to perceive things other than the daily monotony of walls, schedules, meals and care received, which are an identical tracing from one day to another, causes in some cats a kind of "Groundhog Day", which impels them to escape away from the monotony.

A playmate It is ideal to break the burden of the cat. Diet changes, new toys and a little more quality time with him, will also be positive.

Cats are not infallible, they also suffer accidents. Perching on a jump from the ground to the edge of a work rail can easily be done hundreds of times, but any day they can miss the jump. If they fall from very high, four floors for example, usually die, although not always.

If they fall from a first floor, they usually survive and get upset waiting for you to come down to pick them up. For a while they go carefully.

I, who have been living with cats for a long time, have lived various happy and bad experiences because of feline errors and fatal unforeseeable circumstances. In an article of mine entitled: "The theory of extraterrestrial cats", I narrated how a young Siamese survived a fall from a fourth floor. In the following points I will narrate how other cats were injured in my home.

This type of behavior, known as the parachute cat syndrome, is very dangerous and should be avoided with all kinds of measures: fences, bars, meshes.

If you want to read more articles similar to Tips to prevent my cat from escaping, we recommend that you enter our Basic Care section.

Give him a partner

Whenever we can afford it, and whenever we have a sociable cat, it may be interesting to give him a fellow cat with whom he can play while we are not there, and why not say so? To make housing twice as fun divertida. I myself live with 5 felines who, although they have permission to go out on the street since we live in a quiet neighborhood, leave for a little while in the morning and another time in the afternoon, and the rest of the day they spend sleeping and playing.

The youngest (Sasha, who is going to be 1 year old on August 13, 2017, and Bicho, 3 months old) do not go out at all, and it is a joy to see them run. When adults arrive (Keisha, 7, Benji, 5, and Susty, 11), they behave like a close-knit family, well, almost. The truth is that Susty is more street than homemade, and is very, very independent. But with the others they have a great time.

So, really, if you can take care of a second cat and you're interested in the family growing up, don't hesitate 🙂. Of course, so that everything goes well from day one, I recommend you follow these tips.

Protect your cat

If we do not intend to let the cat ever leave the house, either because we live in a city or in a very populated town, or because we are worried that something might happen, we have to do what we can to prevent it from leaving. And how is that done? Putting a net in the windows that we can find for sale in animal products stores, both physical and online.

Likewise, we have tohave the door of the house always closed, since at the slightest carelessness the hairy could leave.