How to choose the food bowl for my dog


The Dog feeders are manufactured with different materials and not all are equally healthy for the animal Plastic feeders are simple to wash, but they can be allergic, ceramic feeders are porous and not always cleaned easily, stainless steel bowls are a clean and corrosion resistant option. Other keys for acquiring the appropriate feeder are: getting right with the height of the bowl and taking into account the dog's way of eating.

The first question that may arise when we are about to acquire a dog feeder It is deciding between the different types of materials. It is not the same to opt for a plastic bowl, than for a ceramic or stainless steel bowl. Each dog feeder has its own peculiarities.

Plastic feeders: simple to wash, but can give allergy

Plastic feeders are simple to wash, but it should be considered that certain dogs, as with people, may be allergic to some components of this material. This implies that it is advisable to consult with the veterinarian if redness is detected in the dog's snout and in other areas of the face.

Another key issue that must be taken into account, if you think about buying a plastic dog bowl, is to make sure that the material is of good quality. Some plastic feeders They may contain toxic substances. Therefore, it is convenient to consult with the veterinarian which is the most appropriate in each case.

Ceramic feeders for the dog: make sure they are cleaned well

Ceramic bowls are not easily cleaned, being a porous component

The colors and the diversity of designs can be decisive for some owners to opt for a bowl of food made of ceramics. However, some precautions should be taken before selecting a feeder for this material.

Ceramic is a porous component that is not easily cleaned. However, it is possible to choose a feeder with a lacquered coating (be careful that it is not toxic), which allows you to eliminate food debris more simply. In the market there is a great variety of bowls made of ceramics.

Stainless steel bowls: a clean and corrosion resistant option

A common option when choosing a dog feeder is to opt for a stainless steel bowl. This material is composed of a mixture of metals very resistant to corrosion, so that, if it is of good quality, it is not often that it releases toxic substances to the dog's food. This high strength also explains that stainless steel dog bowls are easily cleaned.

Choosing a stainless steel bowl does not have to be a boring alternative. The market of the dog world has multiplied in recent years the possibilities: they are covered with a ceramic material and with multiple drawings, prints and colors.

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To select the feeder, it may be essential to consider the animal's personality

Not all dogs are the same. Therefore, the bowl height It is one of the keys to succeed with the feeder. You should also attend to the personality of the animal, an aspect that can be essential to succeed. They do not eat in the same way a gluttonous dog, which often introduces the head inside the bowl, than a delicate Maltese Bichon.

When selecting a bowl for a eater dog, which ingests the food in a disorderly way, it is appropriate to choose a container with a raised edge, which protects the area from the usual splashes of food that can cause the animal. A feeder that has the bottom edge covered with rubber can prevent it from moving before the rush of the hungry dog.

Each feeder has its peculiarities. It is not the same to opt for a plastic bowl, than for a ceramic or stainless steel bowl.

If you decide on a plastic dog bowl, make sure the material is of good quality. It is not strange that certain feeders may contain toxic substances.

Choosing a ceramic trough for our dog can be an attractive option, although this is a porous component that is not easily cleaned. It can also break.

A common option when choosing a dog feeder is to opt for a stainless steel bowl: it is very resistant to corrosion.

When selecting a feeder for a dog that ingests the food in a disorderly manner, it is appropriate to choose a container with a raised edge, which avoids splashing.

How to choose the food bowl for my dog?

You have a new member in the family and you want to have everything you need to make your stay more comfortable, however regarding the bowl you don't know how to choose it, here are some of our best tips:

1. Material: There are several types of bowls and with them different types of materials. Generally, for larger breeds, steel bowls are chosen, which are much easier to clean and it is also easier to prevent fungi or residues from sticking to it. However, the choice of material will depend a lot on the needs of each dog and yours.

2. Size: It is important that we consider before buying the dog food bowl, the size of our pet. If is one small breed dog We cannot buy a bowl that is for a larger breed and vice versa. The size of the bowl defines the food quantities that we must give and will be necessary.

Perhaps if you have doubts about what size to choose you can always ask for advice in pet stores.

3. Design: The design is important, not only because it goes with the personality of our pet, but because the design marks certain trends, among dogs that eat too much, or those that are too messy to eat.

It is also true that there is a great variety of colors and shapes that you can choose according to your preferences. These designs apply to both steel and ceramic or plastic bowls.

4. Brackets: he dog food bowl It can be very good, but there are dogs of large or very large breeds that require the supports so that the height of the food is ideal and prevent them from drowning with it, this is also important to consider, when buying the bowl to Our dear pet.

These were then some of our best advice regarding how to choose the bowl for my dog Without falling into errors, after this you can buy the type of bowl that is most appropriate and that best suits the needs of our pet.

How to choose the bowl of food for my dog ​​is a tip for Dogs, and talks about Food.

Size and height issue

Let's start from the following base: the most important thing is the food in the feeder, which must be of quality and appropriate to the age, size and specific characteristics of your pet. From there, we can point out something that seems obvious but it never hurts to say so. Beyond the material the feeder is made of, big dogs need big bowls and the small, small bowls. Then other factors come into play, such as height and format indicated for each animal. And without forgetting that in this issue there are also the interests of manufacturers to sell you these containers, regardless of whether your pet really needs it or not.

Information on elevated feeders

  • Big and tall animals
  • Dogs that are recovering from surgery
  • Canes that lacks a leg
  • Older pets, with arthritis or with a wide esophagus

Their advocates point out that they are more comfortable and healthy, since our furry friends they don't have to duck their heads to the ground to feed. Among its benefits, the following stand out:

  • They reduce stress.
  • They favor better digestion.
  • They allow food to be swallowed in an easier way.
  • Avoid higher pressure in neck, back, legs and joints.

Keep in mind that you must measure your pet's height well before buying An elevated bowl. To do this, you must take as reference the highest point of the shoulder blades of your dog To this measure, remove 15 centimeters. If your dog is small, discount only 10. That is the height of the feeder you need.

Before buying a bowl, also consult the veterinarian

The choice of a suitable feeder can also help resolve the issue of tricky animals when feeding. However, before purchasing containers for your pet's food and water, do not be guided only by the manufacturer's instructions or from the seller of pet supplies. Consult the veterinarian first. A good professional will surely know to tell you what it is that your pet really needs, according to their physical characteristics and to the health problems that it may present.

Stainless steel feeders

They are the most recommended. They have enough weight so that the furry can not dump it (if it is a large animal we can always buy one that has the edge covered with a rubber), they are easy to clean, and if they are of good quality, they are also anticorrosive.

Ceramic feeders

The ceramic feeders They are very pretty, but fragile. If they fall, they break easily. They are only recommended for small dogs, such as Yorkshire Terrier, Mallorcan Ratero, or Maltese Bichon.

Plastic feeders

They are the cheapest. In addition, they do not break easily, and they are easily cleaned. But they have two drawbacks: one of them is that can cause allergies to the dog, and the other is that despite so little it is not advisable for medium or large hairy.

How to choose the most suitable for my dog?

Now that we have seen the types of dog food bowls, we can get an idea of ​​which one to choose. However, there are a number of things that we have to consider before buying it, which are:

  • Dog ears: If you have very long ears, we will have to choose a feeder that is tall and narrow to prevent the animal from having problems when eating.
  • Personality: a nervous dog will have to buy a feeder with the high edge, however, if it is rather quiet we can provide one with the lowest edge.
  • Bowl size: The small dog needs a small feeder, and a large one needs a larger bowl.

However, now we can choose the food bowl for our dog. If you have any doubts left unresolved, do not hesitate to ask us 🙂.