Home remedies for dogs with atopic dermatitis


Canine dermatitis is a disease in which hereditary factors influence, that is, if one of the two parents (or both) have it, it is very likely that the puppies also end up having it sooner or later. However, we can do several things to decrease that risk.

Keep reading to know how to avoid dermatitis in dogs.

Smash your dog whenever necessary

Some dermatitis are caused by parasites, such as fleas. Therefore, we must keep it dewormed, something that is really very simple: just put a pipette once a month, an antiparasitic collar or spray your fur with an insecticide spray.

All these products you will find for sale in animal stores, as well as in veterinary clinics, and they are very useful to prevent the hairy end up having intense itching due to flea bites, ticks, mites and lice.

Avoid bathing your dog more than once a month

We know that a clean dog is a lovely animal, but you should never bathe more than once a month since otherwise we could end the protective layer of your skin. And if we do, the risk of having some type of dermatitis will be very high.

In addition, you should always use special dog shampoos, and not bathe it with a human shampoo, as it could be toxic to them.

Dry it well to avoid problems

After each bath, it is necessary to dry it well to avoid developing dermatitis, being especially important to dry those areas of the body that present folds.

For it, we can first use a towel and then a hair dryer that we will keep as far away from the dog as possible to prevent burns from occurring.

Feed it with high quality food

There are many feeds that are made with low quality ingredients, which the dog really does not need. These ingredients can cause health problems, such as food allergies or dermatitis.

For this reason, it is very important to feed it with feed that does not contain cereals or by-products. In this way, your health will be excellent.

Do you know other tricks to avoid dermatitis in dogs?

Atopic dermatitis is not only a pathology that increasingly manifests itself in humans, it also does so in dogs' skin, Canine Atopy.

There are some breeds of dogs with greater genetic predisposition to suffer from atopic dermatitis, about 10% of dogs such as: Shar-pei, Bilchón, Boston terrier, West Highland White Terrier, American Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Dalmatian, Carlino, Toy Poodle, Boxer, Scottish Boston Terrierm Terrier among others.

Canine Atopina is basically an allergy caused by dog's sensitivity to certain environmental substances (dust, human dandruff, pollen, herbs ...) that are absorbed through the skin. As in humans, the disease is usually represented by herpes, rash, large itching and, ultimately, skin scabs.

The areas where it most affects are the legs, face, English ears and eyes. Therefore, if we have a hairy one of the races that most often suffer from this disease, it does not hurt that we check your skin and be alert to possible symptoms.

Apart from the medication sent to us at the veterinarian, we can relieve or calm the symptoms with some home remedies such as:

  • Oatmeal bath: mix a cup of sodium bicarbonate, two cups of natural oatmeal and three cups of water until a paste is left. Oatmeal is beneficial for relieving itching. In severe cases, repeat twice a week. The above measures are for a medium dog, you can vary depending on the size of your dog.
  • Thyme infusion. Boil water and thyme and let it cool, massage the dog's skin, the antiseptic properties of thyme will make you feel better.
  • Mix vegetable oil with lavender essential oil. Lavender acts as an antiseptic and natural anti-inflammatory.

I don't know that my puppy is suffering for something! With the love they give us, we cannot skimp on care ...