What are the best-selling dog breeds in the world


Did you know that there are around 800 different breeds of dogs in the world? So is! Hundreds of races with their own characteristics in terms of personality, appearance and character. With so much variety, finding the perfect hairy friend for you is a piece of cake. Don't you think

From this diversity, it is possible to extract certain breeds of dogs with greater popularity, and that have become the favorites of most people. If you are interested in knowing what they are and knowing a little about them, then read this Animal Expert article! Discover below the 10 most popular dog breeds in the world:

1. Siberian Husky

From Russia, the Siberian husky was used for a long time as a working dog, especially to transport people on sleds. its wolf-like appearance, with a strong, muscular body and blue eyes or each color, accompanied by its abundant fur, have made it one of the favorite breeds of dog lovers. As pets they need regular physical activity, and they are prone to certain diseases, such as cataracts, epilepsy and spinal deformations.

2. Golden Retriever

From the United Kingdom, the golden retriever is presented as a friendly dog, affectionate with children and that creates strong ties with family members. Playful and covered with a silky layer of hair that makes you want to hug him, brightens the lives of many people around the world. He may not be the best guard dog, but one of the friendliest and easiest to train. Typically, hip dysplasia and obesity are the health problems you suffer most often.

It is known as poodle or poodle and is originally from France, where in the fifteenth century it was very popular among the royals. Currently, love for poodle has become almost a rage, to such an extent that one could even say that it is One of the most spoiled races. Its compact size and adorable appearance are its greatest attractions. The poodle is a healthy dog, although it is prone to suffer certain minor diseases, such as otitis.

4. German shepherd

Imposing, with an elegant and solid body, the German shepherd is a favorite when it comes to looking for a noble and loyal dog, he is also the quintessential police dog. In the past, it was used in Germany as a grazing dog, responsible for gathering the flock and taking care that it was not eaten by foxes or stolen sheep. His most frequent health problem is hip dysplasia, which breeders try to eradicate by avoiding reproducing copies that suffer from it.

5. Yorkshire terrier

Brought from Scotland, the yorkshire terrier is a breed of small size, hairy and sweet appearance, ideal for people living in apartments or small spaces. Do not be fooled by its size: In ancient times he specialized in the hunting of mice, and even today it is a territorial race, which will defend its space with strong barking and bites if necessary. They can live up to 20 years, although they regularly suffer from heart disorders, digestive problems, cataracts, among others.

From Croatia, the most striking thing about the Dalmatian is his white fur watered with black specks. If this already made him attractive, the cinema was responsible for immortalizing him with the film 101 Dalmatians. Before becoming an excellent pet, he was taken in royal carriages for considering it very elegant. Today it still accompanies many fire departments, due to its great intelligence and smell, very useful for finding people when a natural disaster has occurred, for example. They are prone to suffer from deafness (even from birth) and develop kidney stones.

Race german, the boxer is a medium-sized dog with a stylized, but muscular figure. The Germans used it as a messenger in times of war and is currently still employed as a police dog in some parts of the world. Is about loyal and playful dog, with a strong personality. Despite being an active breed, it usually suffers from heart disease, cancer and allergies, among other health problems.

8. Chihuahua

Directly from Mexico, the chihuahua takes the title of being the smallest dog breed in the world, and currently seems to have become the new lap dog par excellence. They are usually affectionate and even jealous with their masters, who like to accompany them everywhere. Due to its size, the chihuahua is a fragile breed, which will require training to strengthen itself. They suffer deformations in the hip genetically, and are prone to suffer from epilepsy.

9. English bulldog

Originally from United Kingdom, the feature that distinguishes the English bulldog the most is the presence of multiple folds in your skin. It is a medium sized dog with a solid body. We usually talk about a calm dog, but with a very strong personality. As for their health, they usually suffer from Brachiocephalic Syndrome due to the shape of their skull, as well as respiratory difficulties.

Also a native of United Kingdom, the beagle is an ancient dog breed, whose origins can be traced back to 2000 years ago, although the characteristics it has today developed on English soil during the 19th century. Because of his intelligence and his great sense of smellAt present, the beagle remains one of the favorite races when it comes to putting together rescue teams, especially in mountainous areas. Epilepsy, obesity and hip dysplasia problems are common in this breed.

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